Link marketplace selinks.com is a system that allows you to buy and sell text and context links from main and inner pages, as well as site-wide links. Low commission fee for Publishers - 20% only! No fees for Advertisers!
Advantages for the Advertiser

Our service will essentially save your time and money for search engine optimization of your sites. You have a big choice of quality sites to display your ad links. The publisher sites are categorized according to the topic, PR, Alexa rank, age and many more other criteria. You have a possibility to buy links from main and inner pages, site-wide and contextual links.

The things you used to do manually will be done by the system automatically:

* Link placement check-up several times a day.

* Check-up of all pages criteria in real time mode (PR, Alexa rank, Yahoo back links, age of the domain name).

* Regular check-up of the pages in Google cache.

* Constant control of the number of external links and a possibility to automatically remove your link once a certain number of external links is reached.

* Payment for the link placement is done on a daily basis, which allows you to control the linking budget (if for some reason the link is not found on the publisher site the funds are not withdrawn from the advertiser account).

* An option of automatic link removal if the link is not displayed on the publisher website for a consecutive number of days (5 to 30, at your choice) . Your funds will not be withdrawn for the period the link had not been displayed.

* An option of anchors list import, their equal sub-dividing between the purchased links.

* Convenient and multi-functional system of filters for choosing a publisher website. You have a possibility to choose sites according to the subject, PR, Alexa rank, Yahoo back links, age of the site, price, number of external links, estimated number of external links in future, presence in DMOZ, domain level, nesting level. You have a possibility to save the set criteria for future needs.

* Detailed financial and statistical reports in the view of each ad campaign and your account in whole.

* No fee for advertisers. You have as much money on your account as you have transferred via the payment system, minus the payment system fee. You can withdraw the funds from your account any time.

* Friendly technical support ready to assist you at any time.

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