Link marketplace selinks.com is a system that allows you to buy and sell text and context links from main and inner pages, as well as site-wide links. Low commission fee for Publishers - 20% only! No fees for Advertisers!

Why haven't I received the confirmation email after I registered?

The e-mail was successfully sent automatically. Make sure you entered your email address correctly when registering.
If you have not received the activation e-mail - check your Spam folder.
If it's not in your Spam folder - contact Support via the e-mail address you used when registering and we will activate your account manually.

Why I can't add my site to the system?

Check up the following:
1. Have you created the folder containing our script?
2. Have you set the rights for the folder as 777?
3. Have you set the rights for the files within this folder as 666?
4. Have you added correctly the code of the link call to the pages of the site?
If you followed the instructions in your account correctly and the site still won't submit - contact our Support.

Is it possible for search engines to detect my site as the one selling/buying links?

No, it is impossible for search engines to detect your site as the one that's selling/buying links,
since our link marketplace does not leave marks in the pages' code after link placement.

I have added the site to the system. How long does the site moderation take?

The site moderation usually takes 24 hours.

Why not all pages of my site can be added to the system?

There can be several reasons for this:
  1. Some pages of your site are deeper than the fifth nesting level;
  2. Some pages of your site are not in Google cache;
  3. The pages of your site did not respond during indexation.

What shall I do to get $20 bonus at my account after the first deposit?

You need to write an e-mail with your username to our Support or send a request using the internal mail.

I ordered the pay-out. When will it be executed?

The pay-out procedure is usually executed on Thursdays. If it’s your first pay-out request, it will be realized in a week.

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