Link marketplace selinks.com is a system that allows you to buy and sell text and context links from main and inner pages, as well as site-wide links. Low commission fee for Publishers - 20% only! No fees for Advertisers!
Advantages for the Publishers

* Earn additional revenue from your sites by placing advertisement links on your main and inner pages.

* Simple and user-friendly procedure of the system code integration into the majority of popular engines will take five minutes of your time. You have ready-made plug-ins and modules at your service.

* Selinks.com marketplace can work in both manual and automatic modes. Automatic mode is for those who value their time - you perform the marketplace set-up only once, the rest is done by the system automatically, all there's left to do is withdraw the funds from your account. Manual mode is designed for the delicate and thorough set-up of filters for the links at sale. For example, an advertiser won't be able to see the url of your site until you approve the specific link placement on your site.

* You can stop placing links on your site, and continue receiving money for the links already placed up until the period they had been paid for.

* If your advertisers funds are insufficient to prolong the placement, their link is automatically removed from your site.

* The advertiser is charged automatically, and the funds are added to your account by the system.

* User-friendly and flexible system of pricing set-up in manual mode, option to set-up individual prices for each page of your site.

* Detailed financial and statistical reports for each site and for your account as a whole.

* Low commission fee - 20%.

* Regular weekly payouts without delay or minimum amounts.

* Friendly technical support ready to assist you at any time.

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